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Article: 10 Signs You Are Protein Deficient

10 Signs You Are Protein Deficient

10 Signs You Are Protein Deficient

You might need to start eating protein, or maybe the amount of protein you’ve been taking in for a while is insufficient for your body. The Indian Market Research Bureau suggests that protein deficiency in Indians is more than 73%, and as per the recent National Sample Survey, India has a declining per capita protein consumption in both urban and rural areas.

Some common signs of protein deficiency include feeling depleted, exhausted, light headed and wobbly. Of course, there are countless more reasons why someone could feel tired or otherwise miserable. However, your food may occasionally be to blame for these modest symptoms. It is practically impossible to perform at your best without consuming wholesome protein sources such as almonds, eggs, beans, and soy.

What is protein deficiency and what problems can it cause?

When your consumption of protein is insufficient to meet your body's needs, you are protein deficient. A lack of protein may result in long-lasting changes in body composition, such as muscular atrophy.

Kwashiorkor is the name for the severest type of protein malnutrition. Children in impoverished nations, where starvation and unbalanced meals are frequent, are most affected by it. Almost every element of how the body works can be impacted by a protein deficiency. As a result, it has a wide range of symptoms.

Your body is filled with protein. Protein makes up a substantial portion of your blood, muscles, skin, hair, and bones. Because of this, protein shortages can cause a variety of symptoms. 

Signs You Need to Start Taking Protein Now 

According to health and fitness instructor Mary Caroline Craig, "Healthy protein and carbohydrates are both essential to burn fat within our systems." Your body cannot function properly and convert the food you eat into fuel without the right levels of each.

Aim for some protein at each meal to ensure that you are eating enough. "The first two hours after waking up and the first hour following a workout are the two crucial times. However, a small amount at each meal and snack keeps the body, brain, and muscles content," says Carrie Harper, a fitness instructor.

Let's look at the 10 signs of protein deficiency in humans:

A cold that won't go away

Unbelievably, your immune system is greatly influenced by the amount of protein you consume. According to Liz Blom, RD, a nutritionist and wellness coach, "Not all of the credit for this goes to vitamin C. "Immune-related issues can arise from low protein intake."

Feelings of hunger again right after eating

Protein also makes you feel more satisfied after eating, commonly referred to as "satiety." Because protein takes longer to break down than carbohydrates and other nutrients, as personal trainer and health consultant Dorian Johnson explains, having enough protein in your diet keeps you full for long.

That foggy feeling

There is unquestionably a link between protein consumption and concentration levels, even though sleep deprivation may be to blame. According to Craig, it is harder for us to concentrate and focus when we do not provide our bodies with enough protein.

Craving for sugar and carbs

Don't be shocked if you're hungry an hour later if you had sugary cereal or a muffin for breakfast (instead of, say, an egg). According to health consultant Claudia Matles, unlike protein, sugar and carbs cause a blood sugar rise that makes you crave more sugar to stay energised.

Having trouble building muscles?

Check your protein intake if you aren't getting any results at the gym. According to Craig, if you don't have enough, your body may turn to burning its own muscle tissue to get you through a strenuous activity. Both weakness and a lack of muscle mass may come from this. That's not good either.

Bumpy nails

Here is a simple test: Your nails will be rubbed by your fingers. "Are there any ridges? "This may signify a lack of protein," Karen Brennan, MSW, NC, a herbalist, explains.


While moodiness might have many causes (PMS, sadness, etc.), it's likely that a protein shortfall can make matters worse, according to fitness expert and nutritionist Lea Thompson.


According to certified personal trainer Jessa Mehta, "It could happen gradually, but a severe lack of protein means your body will transfer what little nutrients it has to the most vital processes-and hair growth isn't one of them."

Dark circles under the eyes

So, thinner skin may contribute to dark circles. Or perhaps your propensity to go to bed at two in the morning. Dr. Shakti Mishra explains that under-eye circles might potentially be an indication of low protein levels.

Skin problems

When something is wrong with your health, your skin has a way of letting you know—it may break out, wrinkle too soon, or lose tone. Take it as a sign if you experience the latter. According to registered dietitian Samantha Attard, Ph.D., RYT, protein deficiency can cause skin tone loss because collagen is a protein-based substance.

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