Plantigo is a plant-based vegan health and nutrition brand launched for every individual. It is because our sources are induced entirely from the environment to create the perfect nutrition for you. We amalgamate the goodness of plant nutrients and real ingredients in a way to help you with providing energy not just only on being fit but also to promise overcoming the daily hurdles we face in life.

Plantigo was started on Sep 2021, Umesh Chhazzed, a fitness enthusiast, who went through a rough phase but he refused to give up. With the possibility of Plantigo's protein shake, he believed in him as well as his mindset, stating the positivity of both that had been his utmost priority.

Plantigo's products are not only organic but also contain nutrients essentially required by your body. It is made with 20 + plant based natural ingredients and that's what makes it unique.

We believe Taste is something that you would love about the brand.. Go ahead, taste it once and let us know your feedback in the contact form.